TODAY... marks my 2nd year of being smoke free
thanks to you!
Thank you for giving me back my life and health!
I could not have done it without you!

Sarah Maus Longwood, FL


Wanted to take a moment and thank you for
helping me quit smoking. I am a 17-year smoker, and tried
quitting numerous times using different methods
- "cold turkey", nicotine patch, nicotine gum.

Michael Ciochir - Heathrow, FL


Today marks my 5 yr anniversary without a smoke,
THANKS Healing Lazer !!

David Perham - Palm Coast, FL


Three years smoke free.....woooo hooooo!!!!!

August 3rd. Had my last puff about 3:17 pm.
Thank you all so much I will never forget you.

Karla Howg - Orlando, FL


From skeptic to believer in about 30 minutes...
now THAT'S powerful! I haven't had a smoke since that first visit,
and I never will again.

Richard Dixon - Radio DJ Central Florida


I have been smoke free since May of 2011
thanks to you guys! I am so very happy I did it!

Gina Polizzi - Utica, IL


Well..... two more associates at my place of
employment are tobacco free, thanks to you.
...anyway you guys are awesome
I hit four months dip free tomorrow.

Christopher Hanson - Port Orange, FL

Stop Smoking Laser Therapy 2018-11-19T13:42:00+00:00

Florida’s Stop Smoking Laser Therapy

Celebrating 12 years of helping people quit smoking and lose weight

quit smoking

Healing Laser Clinics™ utilizes a safe and painless technology to help you to stop smoking or to quit dipping by utilizing our cutting edge stop smoking laser therapy.  Stop smoking laser treatments have been used in Europe for 35 years and Canada for 25 years with an 80% success rate.  Our therapeutic cold laser therapy is recommended by local physicians because our therapy has no reported negative side effects and there is no need to use gums, patches, shots or pills.

Have you tried Chantix, Electronic Cigarettes or other chemicals to quit smoking but still continue to smoke?  Have you suffered from the many side effects associated with Chantix?  HLC’s Quit Smoking Laser therapy has zero side effects and feels extremely relaxing because of the natural endorphin production that it creates.  We now offer many different laser solutions for stress relief, quitting smoking and weight loss.

Now Treating Electronic Cigarette Addiction


Stop smoking laser therapy was recently featured on the Rachel Ray show and beat out 2 other therapies for quitting smoking!

The professional staff of Healing Laser Clinics™ is committed to helping people stop smoking and end their nicotine addiction, serving the Orlando Florida area.   Healing Laser Clinics™ uses cold laser therapy to treat smokers for their nicotine addiction. This therapy is also referred to as laser acupuncture, photon stimulation, photobiostimulation (pst) or low level laser therapy (LLLT). Low Level Laser therapy is the application of a “cold” pure laser light to treat certain conditions. We point the laser at precise acupuncture locations on your face, neck, wrists and hands. Additional points may be included to suppress appetite and avoid food cravings. Within minutes you should feel completely relaxed.

Healing Laser Clinics™ has successfully treated smokers and dippers from all over Central Florida to stop smoking and lose weight.  We have also successfully treated many of the top Radio DJs in Orlando, including Shannon Burke, Drunky The Bear, Taco Bob, Bubba Wilson of The Monsters In The Morning and Richard Dixon.  As ex smokers, we understand what you are going through and how difficult it is to quit.  We are very compassionate and understanding and we will assist you in every facet of quitting smoking including the laser treatment, proper diet and nutrition, counseling for your mental triggers and proper detoxification.

Corporations Treated By Healing Laser Clinics™



Quit Smoking Laser –  Only $289.00

 Orlando – 407-833-3800

Program includes your initial consultation with laser treatment and stay quit book plus 2 free follow up treatments within a 12 month period

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 Celebrating 12 years of helping smokers!

Medical Director: Dr. Michael E. Dillehay, MD Stop Smoking Orlando

Flex spending accounts accepted here.  Smoking Cessation is also tax deductible.