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Healing Laser Clinics quit smoking laser therapy has opened a new location in Los Angeles, CA.  The stop smoking laser therapy makes quitting smoking easy, painless and affordable.  Have you tried the pills, patches and gums but still continue to smoke?  Low level laser therapy has a success rate over 80% and has no reported negative side effects.  You can quit smoking in under 1 hour. 

Most clients fall asleep during this relaxing therapy!

Laser therapy for smoking has been around for over 25 years in Europe and is quickly growing popularity in the U.S because it helps you to quit smoking naturally.  No need to add drugs or nicotine to your body to quit smoking.  Laser therapy increases endorphin production in your body so that you have no cravings for nicotine.


You can be a non-smoker in just 1 hour!

HLC incorporates a 3 step process in nicotine elimination.

First - Counseling each and every individual to determine what their smoking triggers are and aiding that person in changing their habits.  It takes 21 days to change a habit but with cold laser therapy for smoking it is very easy to do so.  The counseling is provided before the laser therapy session.

Second - HLC directs the low level laser at meridian points that release endorphins and take away the cravings for nicotine.  We also address points that assist in weight loss and appetite control.  We treat points on the hands, face, ears and wrist.

Third - HLC treats points for relaxation.  This will keep you relaxed so that you don't have those cravings and anxiousness that smokers typically have when they try to quit cold turkey.  Keep in mind that laser therapy for smoking is painless and very relaxing.  Most people fall asleep during the therapy.

Smoking Cessation Methods


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Nicotine Patches


Laser Therapy

Over 80%

Weight Loss Laser Therapy

Overeating can be a huge problem.  Our weight loss laser therapy can help boost your metabolism and help you to feel fuller faster.  No need for caffeine pills or weight loss patches.  Our laser therapy is also a great addition to any diet programs that you might currently be using.  Try weight loss the natural way!

Stress Treatments

HLC stress treatments are fast and inexpensive.  The feeling is comparable to that of a massage.  This therapy is extremely relaxing and can take away your stress in 15 minutes!

Corporate Programs

Did you know that HLC can come to your corporation and treat employees on-site?  We can transport our chairs, portable lasers and staff to your location and have your employees smoke free in 1 day.  Group presentations and "lunch and learn" programs are also available for your company.

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